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Material: ABS, AS, PP, 420 stainless steel
Product size: 28 * 11 * 14cm / 11 * 4.3 * 5.5in
Product weight: 945g / 33.3oz
Capacity: 1500ml

12 in 1 tools included:

- Removable top part with cleaning button
- Cutting base
- Peeling tool
- Slice Tool
- Shred Tools
- Pressing tool
- 1/4 split tool
- 1/8 Split tool
- Cut into block tool
- Cut into strips Tool
- Cut into flakes tool
- Cut into chunks tool
- Push Tool
- Protection cap

- Crisper

Bundle A - Nicer dicer + 2 x Silicone Cooking mat 

It's like grilling in your oven! Fat and grease drip away, leaving delicious, flavorful food for your family. This innovative raised pyramid design is not only for smart and healthy cooking, it can also be used as a trivet, drying rack, and upside down for evenly cooked bread, cookies, and pastries. And once you have cooked with this mat, you will want everything in your kitchen to be as durable and easy to clean. Offers Safe Long Lasting Use in Oven, Microwave, Dishwasher, and Freezer. A simply must have for any kitchen!


Material: Food grade silicone

Color: Red

Dimension: 40.5cm(L) x 29cm(W)approx.

Temperature Resistance: -20℃ ~ +220℃

Key Features:

  •  Reusable, non-stick, non-toxic, soft, Long longevity
  •  Keep away from direct exposure to flame and sharp objects
  •  Suit for oven, microwave, freezer, dishwasher
  •  Use and clean easily
  •  Can be used for cupcake, muffin, pizza, bread, ice, cake, cookie, chocolate, jelly, muffin or pudding 

Package :

2x Pyramid Mat and 1x - 12 in 1 slicer 

Bundle B - 12 in 1 Slicer + Robo Stir

Robo Sir is Designed to stir every inch. The silicone feet & orbital turning action ensures no spot is unstirred.

Making homemade soups and sauces is a long and time consuming process and standing in front of the stove stirring may take hours out of your day hours that you can be spending with your family, cleaning the house, or just about anything else. 
With just the touch of a button the Sauce Blender starts to automatically stir the food in your pot or pan.

Works with all pots & pans (non-stick, stainless steel, aluminum, enamel).
Suitable for sauces, dips, soups, creams, etc. It stirs sauces, gravy, custards, soups, even baked beans with the push of a button. 

Features & details:

- Power: 4 standard AA batteries (not included).
- Cordless with 3 different speed for your needs. Safe for non-stick.
- Cooking tool. Stir any dish in any pot/pan without you standing by the stove.
- Automatic pot stirer, automatically stirs as you cook.
- Package includes: 1 x The Sauce Blender


Bundle C - 12 in 1 Slicer + Robo Stir + 2 x Silicone Cooking mat

Get the full bundle and save! - 12 in Slicer, Robo stir and 2 x Silicone heat resistant cooking mats.