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Eyecatcher Glasses

  • £19.97

EYECATCHER- This simple patented lifehack is a perfect eyeglass travel accessory to keep most types of glasses always handy-on-the-go. No more misplaced/lost glasses, no need for bulky eyeglass cases, no dorky looking eyeglass holders or special gadget glasses. All these, and mighty good looking too. It’s the only cool way not to lose your glasses. 

1. It features a RING where glasses can be hung conveniently and steadily when not in use. It is strategically placed just BELOW THE COLLARBONE 
- An optimal position tested to allow easiest access safest against accidental crushing/bumping 
- Has minimal swing during normal movement as walking, bending or twisting; 
- It also keeps glasses out of the way for other accessories as scarf, necktie or necklaces. 

2. The stylish STRAP holds the ring and goes over the shoulder to CLIP to the backside of the clothes. 
- This serves to redistribute the eyeglass weight evenly so it doesn't weigh down, snag or distort your clothes’ fabric - a real concern when you wear glasses for long time and especially when you wear sensitive, light fabrics. 

3. A no-stretch STRING ties simply to your glasses slip-knot style to add extra precaution against dropping. 

1. Position ring just below the collar bone, (not too high or low) 
2. Hang strap over the shoulder and clip end to the back below the nape to your clothing. 
3. Double loop end of string and insert eyeglass temple till the end and tighten. (If you choose to wear the strap to the left, attach string to the left temple of the glasses.) 
4. Wear glasses as usual and hang to ring when not in use. Get them in several colors to match your clothes!