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MyLight: An Under-The-Bed Motion Activated Night-Light

  • £34.86


When you get up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water or go to the bathroom, chances are that you'll get blinded in the darkness when you turn the kitchen or bathroom light off and stub your toe on the way back to bed. This unique night-light is placed underneath your bed, so that whenever it senses motion, it will turn on and illuminate the area under and around your bed.

The under-the-bed night light will give your room a unique and distinctive professionally designed look, meanwhile being completely practical and quite useful. Not only great for under beds, the night-light also works great under other dark areas that you'd like to illuminate in the dark when motion in sensed, like under a baby crib, under the bathroom sink, etc.


Input Voltage: DC 12V
Watt: 7.5W
Color Temperature: 3000k
Sensor Type: human body passive infrared sensor
Sensor Induction Distance: 11.4 - 16.4ft
Sensor Induction Angle: 100 °
Installation Guide
1. Clean the mounting surface
2. Tear up the 3M sticker protection layer on the back of the LED strip
3. Stick the light strips on the mounting position
4. Connect the sensor & LED strips & connecting cables & adaptor with right end, plug in the adaptor
What You Receive
2* 47 inches led strip light
1* power adaptor
2* PIR sensor
1* connecting cable
2* big wire fixing seat
2* small wire fixing seat
4* screws